Energy Medicine Healing session    

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Energy Medicine sessions work to restore balance to your energy body and initiate healing at the source of the energetic cause or root of physical, emotional and mental dis-ease.  These sessions assist you in releasing energy around deeply rooted beliefs related to relationships, health, prosperity and security.  

Together, we will gently identify what your most immediate priority is, and then help you to relax, let go and receive all the support there is for you.  Over time, this may allow even the most complex situations to resolve.

Energy Medicine Healing sessions are of real benefit if:

• you have an ongoing health issue which you suspect has an emotional or energetic cause;
• you are in a complicated family or financial situation and things don’t seem to be improving;
• you love the idea of the law of attraction but it doesn’t seem to work for you.

Each Energy Medicine Healing session is uniquely guided by the intention and needs of the individual.   Sessions are generally 1.5 - 2 hours, and can take place in person or remotely over the phone or video connection. 

$85 per session; or $155 when you prepay for 2 sessions