Class Descriptions

Our bodies are made to move but sometimes it can be difficult to find a fitness class that fits your needs.  In this class we will use props - chairs, blocks, bolsters, straps, etc. to allow all to participate in stretching and moving to toe-tapping music.  Seniors and those with physical limitations are welcome.  Contact me if you are wondering if this class is a good fit for you!
YOGA AWARENESS (1 hour class)
This is a beginner class.  It is perfect for those ready to start a yoga practice and for those who need/want a more gentle practice.  New poses are introduced as individual abilities allow.  All participants are accepted for where they are physically and modifications are suggested for any individual limitations.  Focus is on moving through the asanas/poses with the breath and beginning to 'feel' into this experience that is yoga.
YOGA CONNECTION  (1 hour class)
This class will give you a good workout as we create synergy by connecting movement and breath.  Prepare to use your own body weight to increase muscle strength, while improving stamina, flexibility and balance.  This class is appropriate for participants who have some yoga experience, and those who have taken the beginner class and now want to take their practice forward.
YOGA FLOW  (1 hour class)
This morning class will focus on moving through short sequences of poses and transitions, coordinating movement and breath for a whole body / mind / spirit experience.   Appropriate for most fitness levels. 
MORNING ENERGY FLOW  (1 hour class)
Join me on the mat Friday mornings and ease into the day!   Yoga Morning is a great way to 'wake up" as it assist you in balancing your body, mind and spirit.  This is a blended class, incorporating movements from yoga and qi gong, starting and ending with a short meditation.  Appropriate for all ages and fitness levels!
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Pricing Options for Arcanum Classes:

$50 for   6 session pass  (expires after 3 months)
$90 for 12 session pass  (expires after 6 months)
$10 Drop-in rate

*A pass gives you access to all Synergy Yoga studio classes *   

*Cash, check or credit card*  *$20 fee for any returned checks*