Synergy Yoga is a local yoga studio in Arcanum where you have six opportunities to practice yoga throughout the week with registered yoga teachers, Lois and Eva; schedule a massage with Karmyn; and experience deep relaxation and initiate energetic healing in an energy medicine session with Lois.

Lois Bunger, RYT/Energy Medicine Practioner/BS/MEd

Lois has been teaching yoga classes since 2012, having completed training at elementsLife (spring of 2012) in Hatha and Ashtanga yoga.  Lois started her Synergy Yoga business in 2014, and has recently opened a studio in Arcanum.  In this beautiful space, she offers beginners and intermediate classes, along with a morning energy flow on Fridays, which is appropriate for all levels and a Saturday cardio/yoga chair class on Saturdays!  Lois loves weaving in poses and movements from other energy disciplines for variety and mind/body/spirit benefits, and has been known to change things up with a restorative class, every now and then!  After 23 years of working in public education, Lois in now using her teaching degree in a slightly different way....teaching others about the many benefits of yoga and energy medicine.  "I truly believe that yoga and energy treatments create opportunities for participants to make connections between mind, body and spirit.  In the beginning, most people show up at class for the physical workout.  They keep coming back because of the way it makes them feel on the inside, as well.  All of the modalities I work with are beneficial for creating/maintaining inner balance and peace."

Eva Maloney, RYT

Eva has completed 200 hours of training in Hatha Yoga, Jai Vinyasa Yoga, Meditation, and Balance Energy Therapy in 2016; and  has been serving women privately as a Yoga Instructor, Wellness Educator, and Life Coach since 2013.  While her teaching style is fun and inspired with great focus on the movement and breath connection, Eva also helps participants embrace their differences, support each other through challenges and bring wellness into their lives on and off the mat.  She brings with her a higher education background in Social Psychology and Counseling, as well as in Environmental Management.  Eva is a self-taught herbalist and has proficient knowledge of essential oils, which she loves to use during class.  Eva also enjoys being a mother, a grandmother, a volunteer for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, hiking and camping, fossil hunting and canoeing, growing her own food, and being creative as an abstract artist. She looks forward to having you in her classes and growing together in our wellness adventures at Synergy Yoga!

Karmyn Blackford


It is my pleasure to introduce Karmyn Blackford, who is now scheduling clients for massages at Synergy Yoga in Arcanum.  Karmyn is an independent contractor certified in general relaxation techniques, trigger point release, deep tissue massage and prenatal/postpartum massage.  Karmyn’s services are specialized toward the health and wellness minded individual, athletes and anyone seeking to feel better from life’s daily stresses, aches and pains.  Benefits from massage include overall improved health and wellness; relaxation and decreased stress; relief of muscle stiffness, soreness and tension; reduction of risk and downtime due to pain and injury; and enhanced sense of wellbeing.  Karmyn has 26 years of experience in the medical field, and has recently added licensed massage therapist to her list of credentials!

Contact Karmyn to schedule an appointment:  937-418-1083  |

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