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Consider are not just a physical body, but actually layers of energy.  Your emotions, thoughts and feelings impact the vitality and well-being of the physical body, which is one of the energy layers that makes you you.  Indeed, everything is energy.  And, maybe more importantly to acknowledge is that all things are connected through this energy.  Living in joy and harmony with each other and nature is our truest healed state. I am a shamanic practitioner, which means that I work on clearing your energy body to restore balance and initiate healing in your physical body.  There are several processes and services I offer to assist you in this.  Each session is unique in addressing your individual issues.  Have you ever considered an alternative treatment to  initiate the healing of the physical manifestations you are experiencing?  Maybe you are noticing aches and pains more.  Maybe you are finding yourself sick more often.  Maybe you have been diagnosed with an illness that requires aggressive medical treatment.  Maybe you are having a challenging time navigating relationships.  These are all ways.....pain, dis-ease, fatigue, high blood pressure, depression, lack of motivation etc.....that inform us that something is out of balance in our energy body.  Modern medicine is wonderful for treating symptoms; however, if we want the healing to be initiated at the root cause, it is beneficial to also look at what is going on at the level of the energy body.  If you would like to explore how energy medicine might assist you in the healing process, finding solutions to issues you have not been able to resolve and/or restore a sense of balance and well-being to your life, contact me for a remote or face-to-face session.

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