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Energy Medicine Healing Sessions

($85 per session; or $155 when you prepay for 2 sessions)

Energy Medicine sessions work to restore balance to your energy body and initiate healing at the source of the energetic cause or root of physical, emotional and mental dis-ease.  These sessions assist you in releasing energy around deeply rooted beliefs related to relationships, health, prosperity and security.  

Together, we will gently identify what your most immediate priority is, and then help you to relax, let go and receive all the support there is for you.  Over time, this may allow even the most complex situations to resolve.

Energy Medicine Healing sessions are typically 1.5 - 2 hours in length, where I may use a variety of processes to initiate mind-body-spirit healing to assist you in that moment.  This may include any of the following: Chelation (to clear, recharge & balance chakras); Decoupling (to bring you out of fight-or-flight); Miqui (to "mulch" energetic debris from the luminous energy field); Illumination Process (to help release energies around an issue through the involved chakras); journeying for soul retrieval (to reintegrate a healed aspect), a vision quest or general healing around an issue.

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Sessions are at an energetic level, working on the luminous energy field to promote deep healing and clearing.  Each session is conducted in sacred space that creates an environment of peace and protection, as well as a safe container of love and non-judgment, where healing can take place.

Sessions can be conducted remotely (over the phone or by video conferencing) or in person.  It really works the same either way because the level of the energy body being healed is non-local and non-temporal.  


•  Shamanic Sand Painting:  This is a new service I am now offering....for more details

•  Divination, Akashic Records and Energy Readings
>  Have you ever wanted guidance from your spiritual team?  Do you have a question that could use a higher perspective to answer?   I would love to connect with Spirit on your behalf and provide you with a reading on a question or two that you have.  Questions that work best are those that ask about guidance on decisions that you need to make, how a situation can be changed, what action would be most advantageous regarding a current circumstance, etc.  (Yes/No questions do not work well for this type of reading.) 
>  Are you curious as to your life's purpose?  Let me access the Akashic Records for you and discover your gifts, highest intentions and current purpose for this lifetime.
>  Would you like to know where your energy blocks are and what messages your energy body is trying to convey to you?  I am able to do readings on your energy body and provide valuable information for moving to a higher state of well-being.
(Readings are done remotely; Divination and Akashic Records responses will be sent to you via email; Energy Readings will be sent by email or audio file......each reading will be completed within 5 days of receiving your request....$65/reading)

Descriptions of Processes

• Journeying


•  Miqui

Miqui is a process to "mulch" (move) stuck, heavy energies throughout the body.  This energetic debris is transmuted back to its purest form that can now be used by the Earth.  The flow of the miqui begins at the root of the original wound and then is guided to places in the body where this energetic debris is being held, in the order that the debris must impeccably be cleared.

•  Shamanic Illumination Process
An Illumination Process is a session to promote deep healing and release.  An Illumination is perfect for bringing about an energetic resolution to issues you are not being able to improve on your own.  During a session, you will determine what issue (wound) you are ready to release the energies around.  I will then discover which chakras are involved and facilitate the clearing of energies needing released to heal the wound.  Illuminations can open new pathways for self-healing and promote emotional balance. 

•  Decoupling
A decoupling process takes the nervous system out of a continuous fight-or-flight mode.  If you are experiencing chronic anxiety, vertigo or feelings of constant panic, this process may greatly benefit you.  During this session, I place my hands under your heart and sync your heartbeat to the heartbeat of the earth.  The process many need to be repeated several times before this relaxed, balanced state becomes your 'normal' functioning state.  A decoupling session may be done by itself or combined with other energy medicine sessions.

•  ChelationA chelation process is a great way to clear, balance and recharge your chakras.  There are seven majors chakras (energy centers) throughout your physical body.  If any of these chakras are blocked or spinning in the wrong direction, you could feel sluggish, frustrated, off center, etc.  At the beginning of a session, I will determine which chakras are out of balance.  The chelation process itself involves light touch at the joints and energy centers (chakras) to release stuck energy, clear the energy pathways and return the chakras to a state of balance.  A chelation also awakens the body's nature state to heal itself.   Clients who I have worked with find these sessions deeply relaxing and calming.

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