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"Lois did a great job of making me feel safe as she walked me through my Illumination session. I was nervous at first but she put me at ease as she explained what she would do and how she did it as we went through my intake. She gave me a summary afterward which I also appreciated. After I left I felt much more balanced and calm."

~Erica M

"I consulted with Lois about an issue I was having difficulty resolving on my own.  She suggested an Illumination Process and we set a date.  During the session, Lois did a great job of putting me at ease, and I felt very safe.  I was surprised by how much I was able to relax throughout the process.  Afterwards, I felt lighter and more peaceful around the circumstances in my life.  I found Lois to be very professional and would highly recommend her energy medicine services to anyone who is ready to release the energies around what is no longer serving them." 

~Sue C

"If you feel stuck and want to move ahead, but don't know what to do, I wholeheartedly recommend a Divination Reading from energy healer, Lois Bunger.  Her insights were straight on and clearly relayed, telling me what was needed to move forward, but allowing the freedom of doing it in my own way.  I later took advantage of a deep Illumination Process which freed me of the feeling of not being and doing enough.  Lois is cheerful, light-hearted, and non-judgmental, as well as being spot on: trustworthy."

~Bonnie P

Energy is medicine.

I have dragged my feet in writing this review because I work in a clinical world of best practices, measurements, and data. What I experience with Lois defies capture in those terms, so I worry my attempts to explain will fall short and not do justice for the quality of her work.

When I first came to Lois, my chakras were the equivalent of a seven-car pileup.  Reflecting back on that state, I think what happens is that sometimes, in the moment, it feels easier to sacrifice the needs of my true self in favor of getting the job done, meeting a deadline, or attending to someone else’s needs. But if you do this for years, you pay a price. I just lost myself, what was important to my journey, what I needed to thrive. Over the last year, Lois has facilitated the reawakening of that innermost me, through grounding, energy-clearing, the use of crystals, and interpreting spontaneous imagery. Where western medicine is fragmented, with each specialist treating just his/her area of expertise, Lois sees the entire person. Energy medicine is truly holistic. Her work has filled the spaces where western medicine falls short, but also complements it; one does not have to choose either/or. I consider Lois a valued member of my healthcare team.

If you are struggling in your life and having trouble seeing a path forward, I encourage you to make an appointment with Lois.
~Lisa B

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