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Yoga and Energy Medicine

Synergy represents the cooperation of two or more actions that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual contributions. 

Through Synergy Yoga, I offer yoga and energy medicine services which focus on clearing energy channels to initiate healing on a quantum level.  In my yoga classes and private yoga sessions, this translates into connecting each yoga asana (pose) to the breath, while engaging the subtle vibrations of the energy body to move prana, life force energy, from the soles of the feet to the crown of the head.  Our bodies are meant to move....we need the breath to live....we need free flowing energy for physical well-being.  Individually, each represents an important element to our existence.  In synchronization, this synergy helps create balance between body, mind and spirit.

Yoga can be a great way to improve physical fitness and strength.  Ultimately, practicing yoga, along with deep breathing techniques, provides numerous health benefits, such as improving balance and flexibility, managing stress, boosting your immunity and calming your mind.

Anyone can practice yoga.  Asanas (poses) can be modified to accommodate physical limitations and fitness levels.  In fact, practicing yoga on a regular basis will strength the body and improve lung capacity, and may allow you to progressively build to more advanced alignments.  It all starts with letting go of ego and beginning at whatever level you are capable.  Sometimes the biggest obstacle in our path is making the decision to get started!

There are many class options available for starting on your yoga journey. 
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Pricing Options for Synergy Yoga Classes:

$65 for Monthly-Full Access (18+ classes)
$50 for Monthly-Partial Access (up to 8 classes)
$10 Drop-in rate for an individual class


*Cash, check or credit card*  *$20 fee for any returned checks*


I also offer Private Sessions for those who are looking for a personalized program designed around a specific goal or in consideration of physical limitations while working with an experienced, certified teacher.

$50 per session
$188 for 4 sessions ($47/session)
$270 for 6 sessions ($45/session)

Each session includes 50 minutes of an individualized yoga practice and 10 minutes of energy medicine work.

For more information, email me at:      or

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Energy Medicine Sessions are of real benefit if:
• you have an ongoing health issue which you suspect has an emotional or energetic cause;
• you are in a complicated family or financial situation and things don’t seem to be improving;
• you are finding it nearly impossible to make any headway in your relationships and family life;
• you love the idea of the law of attraction but it doesn’t seem to work for you.

Energy as Medicine Sessions look at the energetic and root causes behind the physical evidence.  This may mean you have some deep rooted beliefs around lack or trust that need releasing, or you may simply be bogged down by other people’s energy.  Either way, together, we will gently identify what your most immediate priority is and then help you to relax, let go and receive all the support there is for you.  Over time, this will allow even the most complex situations to evolve.

Each 1.5 - 2 hour Energy Medicine Healing session is customized, using a mixture of modalities and treatments, to assist you in releasing and healing all that no longer serves your highest good.  All you need to do is remain open and ready to receive.

$85 per session or $155 when you pre-book 2 sessions

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