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Be Bold and Daring....

Archived Post from 5/27/2017

We have kittens!  Actually, we have a lot of kittens…two different litters here at the house and another litter down in the barn at Dennis' parents' (our black cat went there to have her babies).  It has been fun watching the little ones grow up.  In the same crate are older kittens and their mom, along with younger kittens and their mom.  Honestly, the kittens don’t know any more which mom is theirs.  In the older batch, one kitten has stood out.  She is bold and daring.  She is brave and fearless.  She was the first to escape the crate by climbing over the barrier.  She did not hesitate to approach Aunt Dot, who is not even that fond of the wee ones.  She didn’t miss a beat in introducing herself to the big dog who also lives here.  This kitten was the first to discover cat food.  She was the first to venture off the porch, expanding her world even more.  She knows no limits.  I can’t help but love and admire this little audacious bit of fur. :)

Watching this inquisitive kitty reminds me of a line from the movie ‘Hope Floats’.  Justin (Harry Connick, Jr) says to Birdee (Sandra Bullock), “You used to be so...audacious, bold. People would stop in the street and watch you walk...You think you've lost it, but I can still see it.”  

How bold are you living your life?  Do you wait for situations to develop or are you the one who makes things happen?  Are you curious?  Do you ask questions?  Do you challenge the status quo, feeling there is more to this life than what you’ve been lead to believe?  Are you embracing your full potential?

It’s not too late to live a most audacious life.  Don’t just blindly follow.  Be the one to show others how to live their joy, how to create the life they've dreamed of, how to fly to higher heights.  Care about how you feel.  Pay attention to the words you speak.  Treat all of humanity as you want to be treated.  Rejoice in the good.  Let love and light illuminate your entire being.  Be bold and be daring.  Be brave and be fearless.  Be the one to move beyond your comfort zone and have colorful adventures.  Be audacious and watch how the universe brings all the cooperative components together just for you.

Your mantra for this week: "Things are always working out for me!"  Feel it....believe it!

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