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Where is Your Focus?

Archived Post from 9/2/2017

We had a great vacation at Myrtle Beach a few weeks ago.  It’s seems much easier to tap into the guidance when at the beach….relaxed….watching the waves…enjoying the sunshine. :)  One of the messages came through the assistance of a couple we met.  Randy and Pat were staying in the same condo complex we were.  We would see them at the elevator; Randy moved our chairs out of the path of the tide one day, and we watched as they searched the beach for ‘something’.  Over the weekend, we started a conversation with Pat and she shared they were looking for shark teeth.  That day they had found some really nice ones but Randy had them and he was barely visible way down the beach from where we were standing.  I had always wanted to find a shark tooth, but didn’t really know where to look and what exactly I should be looking for.  After talking with Pat, I went off on a treasure hunt for shark teeth….how hard could it be!  I picked up about 5 pieces of black rectangular and spiky objects and went in search of Randy to see if I had miraculously found even one legit tooth.  Randy took one look and told me all I had found was junk……feel my disappointment. :(  Randy then took time to show me actual teeth and he described how to spot them, including the best places to look.  While we were standing together for this lesson, Randy mentioned that he could see a tooth from our current location.  I looked around and in less than 10 seconds, I had found my first shark tooth.  I went off on my own with a renewed sense of confidence, eventually founding a tooth unassisted, on my own.  When I located Randy and Pat to show them my find, Randy said, “I see another tooth” and I looked down and pick it up.  He said it again, and again I located it right away.  The third time he made this comment, I picked up a black object but quickly realized it was not a tooth.  Randy said he was fooled by that one, too!  (We decided we made a great team. :)  Over the next few days, Pat and Randy would go on to find hundreds of shark teeth on the shore and I found a good many, too.

The message that came through was this:  What you give your focus to is what you get more of.  Wow!  When I wasn’t focused on finding shark teeth, I didn’t find a one.  Once I brought my attention to finding them, I got to the point where one day we brought our chairs down to the beach, I noticed something under Dennis’ chair.  When we sat down, I told Dennis I thought there was a shark tooth under his chair….and there was!!  If you are in a situation that you don’t really want to be in, take notice of what you are giving your attention to, and then choose to change your focus.  The great news here is that you can make a choice to give your attention to those circumstances, situations and relationships that are pleasing and enjoyable to you by shifting your focus.  Take the spotlight off of what you don’t want and focus more sharply on what you do want, because in either case, you are going to get more of the same.  Learn to use this to your advantage. :)

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