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Conscious Living

Updated: May 6, 2020

Archived Post from 10/26/2013

*Disclaimer:  Any comments on specific products should not be taken as an endorsement or advertisement.  I am speaking only to what I observe from my own personal use:)

Lately, I find myself living more consciously.  By that, I mean I pay more attention to what foods I eat, what supplements I take and what products I use on my hair and skin.  At this point in time, I find myself spending more time in the grocery's organic foods produce aisle while by-passing the canned goods section.  I've learned to eat baked sweet potatoes without gagging. Don't take me to a fast food restaurant because I can no longer happily indulge in their burgers and fries.  Over the years, I have had a perfectly decedent affair with peanut butter m&ms, which I have recently terminated:(  To satisfy my sweet tooth I have found comfort in Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolates and Himalania Dark Chocolate Goji Berries. (No offense, Dr. Oz, but cacao nibs do not taste good!)  I tend to cook more...even on the weekends....because I know what ingredients I put into my pizza crust.  Just last week I colored my hair with a new product on the market that was advertised as more natural.  And this week I vowed never to use that product again because the color is other than expected, and worse yet, I am experiencing hair breakage.  In my teens I tried Mary Kay face care products to not so great results, but find years later, the Mary Kay facial cleansing bar works great!  Two years ago, I started using Melaleuca products in an effort to remove harmful chemicals from our home environment.  At the time, I worried about not being able to buy enough each month to maintain my membership but have been trying the line of personal products and find I really like the Sei Bella liquid foundation. I am not perfect and still overindulge.....I seriously wish potato chips didn't taste so good!  However, being more aware (I blame yoga teacher training and regular yoga and QiGong practice:) makes it more difficult to continue not so great habits from my twenties and thirties.  Energetically, if we are listening to our intuition, we tend to make better choices in food, activities, cleaning and personal products, etc.  I challenge you to begin to live more become more aware of choices you listen to your own natural energies and intuitions to guide your life. Namaste, Lois

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