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New Twist on an Old Saying

Archived Post from 6/9/2014

Many of you are familiar with the saying "bloom where you are planted", referring to  improving physically, mentally and spiritually from where you are at the moment.  Let me suggest a new twist on this old saying..."plant yourself where you can bloom to your life's full potential".

Several years ago, I planted hyacinth bulbs in some flower beds.  Each spring they bloom early and provide a delightful splash of color against the brown landscape left over from the winter.  This year, I noticed a stray hyacinth blooming in the yard about two feet from the flower bed.  I immediately thought of "bloom where you are planted' and smiled:)  A few days later it struck me ~ this flower is going to meet an early demise because my husband is preparing to mow for the first time this year.  On Friday morning as I backed out of the garage, I decided to take a picture of this brave little flower.  Sadly, there was no memory on my phone so I thought I would just wait until I came home from work and take the picture with the digital camera.  Well...I imagine you can see where this is headed....sure enough, Dennis had mowed the yard during the day and I returned home to find the flower blooming in the yard no more!

So again I state, while "bloom where you are planted" is a nice platitude, "plant yourself where you can bloom to your life's full potential" strikes me as a better strategy.  Make yourself available and plant by positive people who will build you up; make yourself available to books that will improve your attitude and stretch your thinking; plant yourself in nature and let its energy renew your spirit; plant yourself in meditation and strengthen your faith; plant yourself in a yoga class and connect energy, movement and breath.  Make yourself available to opportunities, people and resources so through these experiences you improve physically, mentally and spiritually.....realizing your life's full potential.

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